Tiptop @ Topshop: Tortoise Sunglasses Review

Shades, summer and sun, sun, sun: there’s nothing better than adding a pair of decent sunglasses when it comes to perfecting that summer outfit. Especially in a hot country, sunglasses are essential for both looking and feeling comfortable. I bought this tortoiseshell Β pair from Topshop a few weeks ago – and I’m absolutely in love.


Topshop have a really interesting array of sunglasses at the moment, and they’re still releasing new lines as we venture into the Autumn season. Think quirky with a hint of Hepburn – that’s my general take on most of the designs.

This pair in particular are gorgeous.


Firstly, I love their circular frames. They’re a little different to the normal styles available in other stores, and I especially love the tinted lenses and pattern of the frame. It means they’re easy to match to many different outfits – without blending in or looking too boring.

Being oversized, they also suit pretty much any face shape – another big bonus. Finally, they’re durable. For Β£16.00, they’ve managed to survive plane journeys, being lugged around in numerous handbags, left on car seats and being repetitively shoved on top of my head in the pool whilst I’ve been abroad. And they’re still fine.

So, if you haven’t found yourself a pair of sturdy sunglasses (that sounds so grandma-ish but it’s still TRUE) or just want to try something different than the usual aviators, pop into Topshop and find something similar shades for yourself.


Author: The Wordrobe

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