Every girl needs an LBP hiding in her wardrobe – a little black polo neck!

It’s safe to say jet lag has been kicking my backside this week – I either sleep like a sloth or end up tossing and turning like a vampire. I’m about as pale as one too!

I’m hopefully over the worst of it though and settling back into normal life. Well, as normal as life gets for me – I’m going skiing this weekend, and can’t wait.

Since getting back to England, I’ve been cracking out the winter wardrobe. Jumpers, scarves and especially polo necks. Maybe it’s just me, but there’s just something so timeless about simple black neck-covering attire. It’s a slice of Paris and a hint of elegance all wrapped up in one!

Here’s a few shots of yesterday’s LBP & wild hair look…


I love this ribbed Topshop polo. It’s simple, but sleek. My dream combination.



Hope you like,

Sophie x


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